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US Immigration Trendsin the 1700's: The Colonial Period
The earliest immigration to America occured during the Colonial period of American history.

The vast majority of the first migrants moved from their homes in England to seek religious and political freedom and to escape from persecution for their beliefs. During the 17th century, approximately 400,000 English people migrated to Colonial America. The 13 English colonies were established. Other migrants from Northern Europe particularly from Germany, Holland and Scandinavia soon followed the English to America.

US Immigration Trendsin the 1700's: Events in history that impacted trends
The summary of events that influenced immigration trends in the 1700's were as follows:

  • The colonies constantly needed more labor which led to the system of indentured servants. Over half of all European immigrants to Colonial America during the 1700's arrived as indentured servants.
  • The Headright System was introduced and the prospect of owning land was a great incentive to migrants.
  • More than 3 million immigrants came to the United States from Europe between 1600 and 1799
  • The establishment of the plantation farming system led to forced immigration of people from Africa via the Triangular Trade routes. By 1680 it is estimated that there were 7,000 African slaves in the American colonies. By 1790 the number of African slaves had ballooned to 700,000.
  • The huge growth in northern European immigrants led to conflict with the indigenous Native American Indians

Summary of US Immigration Trendsin the 1700's
The following chart provides a summary of the US Immigration Trends in the 1700's.

Summary of US Immigration Trends in the 1700's 

Trends in the 1700's: Voluntary immigration from northern Europe

Trends in the 1700's: People emigrated for economic, political, and religious reasons

Trends in the 1700's: Flow of immigrants constantly increased year on year

Trends in the 1700's: People were encouraged to immigrate to America with offers of free land

Trends in the 1700's: There were no restrictions on immigration

Trends in the 1700's: Forced migration from Africa

Trends in the 1700's: The numbers of immigrants led to conflict with the Native American Indians

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