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US Immigration: Changing US Policies and US Law
This website provides interesting facts, information, history, statistics and trends about US immigration from time of the colonies to the present day.

United States government policy and immigration laws have changed over the years to reflect the domestic needs of the nation. Changes to policies and laws were also brought about as America adapted to changing circumstances due to important historical events such as various wars and other significant historical events such as industrialization and urbanization. These had a massive impact on the lifestyle and population of the towns and cities in America. Discover the rates and flow of immigration that include the numbers of migrants for each decade and year with their country of origin. Important events in history provide the general tendency or direction of the US Immigration and these are detailed on this website and be used as an ideal educational resource for kids, students, schools, colleges and homework projects.

US Immigration: The Door that Swings Open and Shut
US Immigration is often described as a door that swings open and shut. US Policies and US laws change and each successive wave of immigrants tend to reflect the social, political and economic conditions experienced within the United States and elsewhere in the world. The immigration policy and laws in the United States has either opened its door to welcome new immigrants during periods of financial prosperity only to slam the door shut when times became harder. US Immigration trends and patterns also show that with every wave of immigration new migrants to America have faced hostility from established or native-born residents.

US Immigration: Push and Pull Factors of US Immigration
To discover the Pull and Push factors of US immigration to the New World and the United States of America from European and Asian countries go to Examples of PUSH and PULL Factors of Immigration.

US Immigration History Statistics: Numbers and Dates
Details of US Immigration history Statistics are presented in simple chart formats with all the information, numbers and dates you need on one page. Discover information about the waves of immigration together with records and their sources. Find a timeline of different decades with the number of immigrants who arrived in the United States. Another useful table and chart details the origin and numbers of US immigrants. And for those interested in urban growth we have also included the population and growth rate in major American cities - really interesting facts and statistics.

 US Immigration History Statistics

US Immigration History
The section on US Immigration History provides a brief overview of the historical events in American history that impacted emigration to the United States.

English Migration to America
French Migration to America
European Migration to America
Chinese Migration to America
Scots-Irish Immigration to US
Welsh Migration to America
Scottish Migration to America
Swedish Migration to America
Mexican Migration History
Filipino Migration to America
Danish Migration to America
Irish Migration to America
Spanish Migration to America
Russian Migration to America
Finnish Migration to America
Norwegian Migration to America
Dutch Migration to America
German Migration to America
Italian Migration to America
Jewish Migration to America

US Immigration Laws
Interesting information and facts of US Immigration Laws. Discover when the the first immigration law was passed in the US. reasons and purpose of the US Laws. A helpful list of the laws together with dates and a brief definition of each law. Additional information on the laws can be accessed via the US Immigration Laws which also provides a summary of each of the laws. A summary and the history of the laws is covered in separate time periods categorized into the laws of the 1800's and 1900's. US Immigration Laws can be divided into restrictive laws and reform laws and these are also covered in this section. If you are looking for just a brief list of laws, a more detailed timeline, the history of reform laws or restrictive laws the following articles cover all of these subjects.

List of US Immigration Laws
US Immigration Laws 1800's
US Immigration Laws Timeline
Mexican US Immigration Laws
US Immigration Laws
US Immigration Laws 1900's

US Immigration Trends, Patterns, History and Statistics
US Immigration Trends and patterns would therefore increase or decrease according to new US laws dictated by government policy defined by the history the United States. These determined the changing trends and patterns in US immigration. The factors, causes and reasons of the changes in immigration flows,  US Immigration trends and patterns, statistics on the numbers of migrants have been detailed in the following articles:

US Immigration Trends and Patterns
US Immigration trends 1700's
US Immigration trends early 1800's
US Immigration trends 1850 - 1880
US Immigration trends 1880 - 1900
US Immigration trends 1900 - 1940
US Immigration trends 1940 - 1970
US Immigration trends 1970 -  Present
US Immigration Trends
Mexican Migration Trends

US Immigration - Mexican Migration
The close proximity between the United States and Mexico and the shared border of the two countries have led to many changes in attitude in relation to Mexican migration. Find over 40 Mexican Migration facts with an overview of important laws, policies and even the geography of Mexico. The Mexican Migration history details import historical events such as the Mexican Civil War, the impact of WW1, the "Mounted Inspectors" along the US-Mexico Border and the 1943 Bracero Program and the recent influx of illegal Mexican immigrants. The article on the Mexican Migration Laws is presented in a simple, history timeline format that starts with the impact of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, the Emergency Quota Act, Naturalization laws and the impact of  the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA).

US Immigration: Mexican Migration
Mexican US Migration Laws
Mexican Migration Facts
Mexican Migration History

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